The Cypriot national slogan is: “A whole world on a single island.” This is possibly the most accurate national slogan anywhere.

Cyprus is rapidly become the destination of choice for discerning individuals and their families. Layered in a rich history and blended with a strong cultural heritage, Cyprus welcomes everyone to the natural beauty of its coastline, the pristine rivers and lakes and rolling hills that embody a “you’re-at-home” feeling.

You will become better acquainted with the island nation as you read this website. While the focus is on Cyprus’ citizenship-by-investment program, you’ll also find useful information for visiting, travel tips that are hard to find elsewhere and insight into why you should make Cyprus your next home — and why you should team with us in making it happen.

Seeking something new? Something authentic? Cyprus is the destination of choice for a growing multitude. Modern enough to provide the luxuries and conveniences of modern living, yet still holding close to its ancient culture and tradition, Cyprus offers up the “best of both worlds.”

When it’s time to relax, Cyprus provides the answer. Operas, art exhibits, hiking, outdoor recreation — quality life is yours. European sports and skiing are a short flight away, and as a Cypriot, you can travel Europe freely.

The golden life opportunity waits for you. From beautifully landscaped homes to country cottages, seniors have not been left out. The retired find breathtaking adventures waiting, and pursuits are available which match every physical level and budget.

World-class health care is available to each citizen. Staff with trained physicians in hospitals equipped with the latest in technology is provided — at no cost to citizens.

Give us the opportunity to get established in your new home as you embark on an excellent adventure.

Welcome to Cyprus.