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Champions of Global Citizenship Planning

John Muir, an American naturalist, said, “Who has not felt the urge to throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence.”

The turmoil roiling the globe today is finding many people sharing in the feeling of Mr. Muir. Sometimes a person just wants to leave the chaos behind.

Hundreds are jumping the back fence and heading to Cyprus.

Freedom to live, raise children and enjoy life are thirsted after by people. The dream of having the freedom to live a life free of political turmoil and chaos can be realized as it incorporates the urge to start life over somewhere else.

Regardless of personal goals, somebody is needed as a guide. Someone to explain the path, point out the possible pitfalls and help newcomers evade the potholes in the road.

Someone with expertise. Someone has the map to the new life.


Starting life over in a new nation is not the time to ad-lib. Guides vary and finding a new home is not the time to make it up as you go. Online research is good, but it’s only a beginning. Handing over your loved one's security can be scary. Something that valuable needs to be placed in hands of someone experienced and competent.

Bukh Global has established offices and working relationships in each nation develops its own citizenship-by-investment program. We build links and nurture lasting connections with individuals who live and work in the country. We monitor programs as they grow and change. We understand the latest adjustments and point you to the opportunities, so you have the best path to follow.

When it comes time for you to “jump the fence,” call us. We’ll escort you on the path to freedom and contentment in your new home in Cyprus.


Why us

1. Experienced.
Bukh Global was on the front line when St Kitts-Nevis brought its citizenship by investment program. Since then Mr. Bukh and his staff have remained on top of new programs and every innovation that has followed.
2. Worldwide Network of Associates.
Building on a base of international colleagues in the legal sphere, Mr. Bukh has extended his global base. Bukh Global as a worldwide team of equipped, qualified and experienced associates to help you — no matter your destination.
3. Exclusive.
Bukh Global is proud to be the exclusive agent for the Serbian Citizenship by Investment program in the Middle East and CIS. We are truly happy to present this opprtunity to our existing and future clients.
4. 24/7 Support.
Bukh Global provides 24/7 support through the citizenship by investment process. Pick up the phone — anywhere you are and whenever it is. A knowledgeable member of our staff will be ready to serve you.