Magnificent Cyprus

From Nevis to Cyprus Via Timeshares

As Marla stepped on the patio, the sun began to edge over the horizon casting diamond-like glitter on the unclouded blue water. Looking around, Marla saw the beach empty. Except for someone surf-fishing several hundred meters away she was alone.

Sliding the door shut behind her, she walked the few feet to the water’s edge where sea foam tentacles lapped at her toes and taeniodont swam. Tossing her white, terry cloth robe on the sand, Marla waded in. Timing her move perfectly, she dove as a small wave drew close.

Pushing the hair from her face, Marla scoped out her new home from a boater’s perspective.

At 33, she had come far in life. A freelance writer, now living in Buenos Aires as an expat, Marla was free to work from anywhere in the world remotely.

When one of her clients asked for an article about Pinney’s Villas on Nevis and the citizenship-by-investment program, she plunged into the opportunity. Half way through the article, Marla realized she could do a better job if she took a couple of weeks, leave Argentina and settle in on the beach to see how others lived.

Her client, grateful for all the work she had done for him for years, gladly footed the bill for Marla’s trip.

Marla backstroked a few meters, watching the sun come up over the palm-tree studded beach. Her life was simple. A lot of work, some good friends and now this.

Marla enjoyed the timeshare. Walls painted a muted white — called egg shell in America — the villa was high tech, yet managed to retain the mellow feel of the island.

Motion sensors wrapped around the outside made sure anything that moving after dark lit up.

With unmatched beauty with a pristine and relaxed environment, Marla found Pinney’s Beach the ideal spot to open her Caribbean home-away-from-home.

Marla found The Villas at Pinney’s Beach a tasteful assortment of chic-designed homes next to the most beautiful beach on Nevis. From her research, she found the spacious three-and-four bedroom villas each have a private pool along with landscaped gardens. For Marla, the opportunity presented itself to move-right-in to a full-furnished villa with great views and vistas.

The green lawns and water hazards of the golf course form the south border of the resort and are just yards from the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

A visitor could choose from one-tenth or one-quarter ownership shares in the freestanding village as Caribbean touches, and a Mediterranean flair provides spectacular views while protecting privacy.

Lush, green and tropical are the three words most used to describe the villas which are placed to enjoy the landscape which combines mountain and ocean scenery.

A short walk to the widely recognized best beach on Nevis, Pinney’s Beach is located on the west coast. It is long and sandy and gently swaying palm trees provide shade.

Going back inside, Marla checked her email. Waiting was a message from her client. Once she got through the small talk, she got to the point of the interruption.

“We’re building one in Cyprus,” the email asked. “Care to go there next and do a story?”

Marla inhaled at her good fortune and quickly typed, “Let-me-think-about-it-yes.”

Marla didn’t know much about Cyprus (except for its citizenship by investment program), but she knew how to find information online.

Googling ‘Cyprus’ she learned of a new timeshare being built by the Mediterranean. Daydreaming, Marla caught herself thinking about how she could enjoy a lifetime of disengaging.

With plenty of things to do in Cyprus, Marla figured she could chill on the beach, get some outdoor exercise and learn something about history such as the Ancient Vouni — a cliff top mystery. Or maybe she’d visit Agios Filon Beach or Coral Bay where she could dig her toes into the sand.

Regardless of her choices, Marla knew she wouldn’t need anything else once she moved into her timeshare on the island nation.

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