The Law on Citizenship of Cyprus discusses the regulations regarding passports and citizenship by investment.

When the financial obligations are met, you will be issued a passport within 6 months.

There are three means by which citizenship can be canceled

Terminus of citizenship by release
Terminus by repudiation
Failure to regulate citizenship status

While each of the requirements for becoming a Cypriot citizen by investment is included elsewhere in this website, there are two additional primary ways to gain citizenship:

Being married to a Cypriot
Being of Cypriot origins
Become Naturalized
New baby born, or
Marriage to a Cypriot national

The first, being married to a Cypriot requires a three-year marriage minimum AND have been a resident in Cyprus for two years previous to the application date.

Required documents include:

Applicant’s birth certificate
Certification of clean criminal record
Marriage certificate
Statement of peaceful cohabitation signed before an Officer of the Administration (or diplomatic authority)
Statement of cohabitation from the local authorities
Photocopy of receipt totalling of 300 euros paid in fees

If a person has Cypriot origins, then they must be over 18. Documents accompanying the application must include:

Applicant’s birth certificate
Applicant’s parent’s marriage certificate
Copy of the applicant’s (and applicant’s parent’s) passports
Proof of fees paid
Stamp worth 8.54 euros attached to the application.