Cyprus: Home for Your Whole Family!

In line with Civil Registry Laws 2002-2013, the Naturalization of Investors by Exception, the program is one of the fastest leading to residence an citizenship in Europe.

The investor is permitted to include spouse and children in addition to parents within the same application. “Children” means minors up to age 18 and those aged 18-27 if they are economically dependent on the primary application. An investor’s child of any age is considered to be financially dependent if the the child is unable to work due to severe physical or mental disabilities.

Dependents move abroad for different reasons. Younger ones have no choice. They have to go where their parents are. Older dependents, those between 18 and 26 have a choice. Many dependents over 18-years prefer to gain citizenship in Cyprus. Their parents may have opened the route, but it’s the twenty-something that tours it.



Cyprus citizenship offers unobstructed trails to quality study in the European Union. Some of the finest medical schools, law schools, and fine art centers are located in Europe, and a Cypriot learner has access to them all.


Most twenty-somethings have never had the chance to live outside their home country. Few will ever live farther. Cypriot citizenship gives free travel access to each of the 28 EU state members and over 150 nations without a visa. Travel broadens the mind, reduces bigotry and introduces the traveler to people and cultures they would have missed otherwise.

A combination of investments, with an option of investing up to 500,000 in Cyprus Government bonds plus processing fees of:

Applicant    Application Submission Fees         Certificate Issuance Fee

Spouse                   €2,000                                     €5,000

Adult Child           €2,000                                     €5,000

Minor Child          €80

The spouse’s application is submitted with the main petitioner’s application. Once these applications have been approved, the children’s applications can be submitted.

When the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment application package is approved, the Migration Department will issue a Certificate of Naturalization once the certificate issuing fee of (currently) 5,000 is submitted.

It should be noted that members of the same family, who apply separately as investors, can collectively acquire a residence provided the total value of the home exceeds 500,000. Dependent parents included in the application must

(a) own a permanent home in Cyprus valued at least  500,000 or

(b) own a share of a permanent home where the parents’ share is at least 500,000.