Why Cyprus? Why now?

These are two questions many people seeking Citizenship-by-Investment ask.

Look over these benefits and the first question is answered. You are joining other people who are seeking an improved lifestyle and doing so in a nation that embraces you.

As for “Why now?” The answer is “Why wait?” You’re not looking at our website because you want the latest football scores. You want to change your life for the better; you know, at some level, that life as you know it has become, in some manner, a burden. No one should live like that.


Now you know “Why Cyprus” and “Why Now.”


Key Benefits

  • The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program has no residency requirement and Cyprus has no inheritance tax
  • There is no language requirement, medical test or interview
  • Money-back guarantee shows confidence in the approval rate, your funds are held in an escrow account that cannot be accessed until citizenship has been granted by the Ministry of Interior
  • Citizenship approval happens in as quickly as three months.
  • No donation requirement.
  • Investment is kept for just three years.
  • No exams in history or Greek language
  • Wide range of investments — real estate, bonds, shares, bank deposits as well as your own business (if held in property)
  • Citizens have the right to live and work within the 28 countries of the EU
  • Protection by the diplomatic or consular authorities of any EU country
  • Right to vote and stand for European Parliament elections
  • Free movement of goods, services and capital
  • Visa-free travel to over 157 countries including the EU and Canada
  • Citizenship can be passed to future generations by descent
  • No need to renounce previous nationality as dual citizenship is allowed
  • Cypriot Citizenship by Investment can be obtained within 6 months
  • Cyprus is a common law jurisdiction
  • Cyprus Residence Permit is issued within 5 days from the submission of a joint application for residency and citizenship by investment.