Why Cyprus

Hold a Cypriot citizenship is an advantage which includes benefits derived from Cyprus’ membership in the EU


Travel within the entirety of the EU in each of the 27 member states. EU citizens have expanded rights when they visit EU member countries. For example, in a case of severe stoppages when traveling within the EU, airlines must provide meals and snacks as well as accommodations when required. In cases of a travel suspension lasting longer than 5 hours, the carrier also is obligated to offer ticket refunds.


Another aspect are educational benefits. Cyprus has two recognized universities that citizens can attend tuition free. Cyprus citizens also may student in another EU state with the corresponding provisions such as identical fees as the host country. An excellent benefit since several EU Members provides free education for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  The region recognizes degrees, diplomas and other certifications among EU nations. A certificate, degree or diploma awarded in any member state is recognized in all member states.


EU citizens have broad rights regarding healthcare in each of the seven member states. Cyprus provides healthcare established on socio-economic standards and in many cases Cypriot hospitals are free.  A Cypriot citizen is given a European Health Insurance card and is allowed to receive treatment at the same cost as persons insured that the member state.


The facility of movement within the EU gives citizens the right to move unobstructedly and get employment in any member state without limitations. Citizens of countries may also work and live in any member state with their family — even when their spouse is not an EU citizen.

Following the current social security plan, Cypriot nationals experience benefits such as sickness & wellness benefits, job-seekers allowances, maternity allowances, disability allowance and workplace accident coverage.

Cypriot law provides minimum wages for professions for which here is no collective bargaining authority and aren’t included in group contracts. In case of redundancy, workers who have been employed for two consecutive years with the same company are shielded by the Redundancy Fund.



In addition to these premiere benefits, you also enjoy:

  • European Union member state citizenship
  • The ability to lawfully live, study and work in all 28 EU nations
  • Legal access to the European social and justice system
  • Citizenship and passports provided to the initial applicant and qualified family members
  • Travel visa-free to over 155 nations
  • Approval typically occurs within 90 days with flexible options and no residence requirement
  • Acquire assets in Cyprus without being required to donate your wealth