Filing the application

Cyprus national government has established several incentives which are attracting foreign investments. One, the citizenship-by-investment program, grants full citizenship to persons investing over 2 million (EUR) in real estate and meet other criteria. Successful petitioners earn the right to live and work in all 28 EU member nations.

Changes were made to the citizenship-by-investment program in September 2016. The chances reduced the minimum investment to 2 million from 2.5 million and added the possibility of including the primary applicant’s parents — provided an additional 500,000 + VAT is invested.

The path to Cypriot citizenship follows a series of steps. Bukh Global manage each step and makes sure they are performed correctly and in order. If not properly managed, failure will affect the final approval.


Bukh and Associates help clients identify suitable investment opportunities and evaluate all options for potential exit strategies. We prepare and submit the application as well as follow up with the proper authorities as the case is being processed.

Following an application’s submission, Bukh Global usually receive approval within 90-days. The quick process is helping make Cyprus one of the fastest destinations for a second citizenship.

The procedure for gaining Cypriot citizenship is a delicate process requiring a focus on details and investment structuring. Bukh and Associates maintain international and local expertise and have achieved a high success rate in delivering the grant of citizenship.

Bukh Global work with investors who have already cleared our internal due diligence. These standards are modeled after those used by the Cypriot government. Additionally, police clearance checks from the current national residence must be provided with the application.