Being the most prestigious Citizenship By Investment program in Europe, Cyprus provides lots of reasons for you to join.

Visa-free countires

With a Cyprus passport in your pocket, you are able to travel visa-free to over 170 nations - as a true European citizen!


With the financial commitment met and due diligence done, there is nothing left to do except experience new life in your dream home.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

In today’s world of chaos, people are looking for a spot without chaos where they can enjoy life, rebuild a life or start a new life.

With the simplicity of Cyprus’ citizenship by investment program, thousands are seeing Cyprus, the island nation, as a solution to life’s challenges.

Individuals and families are coming from America, China and elsewhere to begin enjoying life in Cyprus from metropolitan Paphos in the southwest to rural Karpaz Milli Parks in the northeast.

When high net worth individuals get Cypriot citizenship they place their work lives at the focal point of significant opportunities and gain major personal benefits. Renowned for being the safest nation in the European Union and the fifth safest globally, Cypriot citizenship is in growing demand.

Cyprus: An Island of Opportunity!

The country’s financial services are reputable and have full FAFT (Financial Action Taskforce) compliance. Cyprus is a member of the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. When a nation’s financial infrastructure is as well grounded as Cyprus’, there’s no doubt why many global banking and financial businesses are based on the island.

The personal benefits of citizenship are numerous. The climate is the personification of Mediterranean weather, and the nation has the highest number of “Blue Flag” beaches per coastline mile. The seawater around the because is among the world’s cleanest.

Luxury accommodations, exclusive golf clubs, and rich cultural history combine to make Cyprus a tremendous place to call home. Excellent air transport globally, access to Europe’s universities, first-class health services, and high living standards make Cyprus recommendable.

It’s time fo you. Now is your time. Time to leave behind the chaos of the modern world and begin life.


Our largest panic was “how will we manage the paperwork?” Bukh and Associates eased our fears and wiped our panic away. They handled the entire process and made it easier than we could have imagined. They foresaw every question we had and answered each one professionally and promptly.
When we started the citizenship-by-investment process, we were overwhelmed with what we were about to do. Our questions weren’t answered well by the Cypriot embassy, but Bukh and Associates guided our steps along the path. The process was, for us, like having them as partners. If we had to go through this again, we wouldn’t move without Bukh and Associates as our guides..
Ever lay awake at night wondering what you’ve done? Thanks to Bukh and Associates we didn’t have any sleepless nights as we obtained our citizenship in Cyprus. We had visited the island nation several times, but with Bukh and Associates working with us, we feel as though we truly have a home — and caring friends who continue to be there for us when we have questions.

Amazing Cyprus